This property is an excellent spot for bird watching, thanks to the number of habitats present: open areas with patches of forest which allow us to see the birds moving from one place to another, two streams surrounded by forest which permit us to further appreciate our birds, and in the right season we can see migratory birds. With more than 250 species the follow are the most common to reach in our place : 3 species of toucans , keel Billed toucan , collared Aracari , 3 species of trogons , Slaty Tailed Trogon , Black throated trogon , 3 species of motmots , kingfisher, Green Ibis , Great Green macaw , Snowy cotinga, rufous winged woodpecker, rufous tailed jacamar, and more. The Sarapiqui River creates a natural boundary between the farm and the La Selva Biological Station.


Before starting the walk, enjoy a morning coffee, or juice if you prefer, in our facilities while the guide provides introductory information on the tour .                              

  Scheludes: 5:45 am – 2:45 pm

        What to Bring:

  • Close shoes or hiking shoes

  • Water

  •  Insect repellent

  • Umbrella or rain coat

  •  Camera

  •  Binoculars

Tour Includes :

-Local Transportation

-Naturalist and bilingual guide

- Entrance Donation

-Coffee or natural Juice 

- Bird List

  • Tour Last : 2- 3 hours


The tour starts driving for approximately 45 minutes depending of your location until arrive to the Quebrada Gonzales station ;  The walk begins in sender Las Palmas where is full of biodiversity between plants, insects, lots of birds like  Ornated-hawk eagle, Stripe breasted wren, Ant birds, Tinamous, Wood quails, and very colorful Tanagers and good chances to see Ant eaters (Tamanduas), White nose quoati, Capuchin monkeys, White collared peccaries. And if you like reptiles big variety of snakes, Casqued headed lizard, Anorops. Enjoy as well beautiful natural sceneries and forest presents.  

This national park is an important part of the great natural corridor extended from the central valley going northeast into a big portion of the  the caribbeans and  sarapiqui until the border of Nicaragua called corredor biológico San Juan-la selva. It has diferent access and walks with multiples dificulties that you can organized from 3 to 6 days.         

Schelude : 5:45 am (flexible schedule)

What to Bring :

-Close shoes or hiking shoes



-Insect Repelent

-Umbrella or Raincoat

- Water

Tour Includes :


-Naturalist and bilingual guide

- Entrance to the Park

  • Tour Last : 3- 4 hours


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