Tropical Leaves


I Born and grew up In Sarapiquî , i love this little town and i learn to love nature too.I have been working in many environmental projects and as a biological research assitant in differernt experiments. The first was in 2008 , we were studying a group of bats who eat fruits , trying to understand how they affect the the reforestation process through the seed dispertion . Thats why i am part of the Green Rivers staff , because during every stage on the rafting process, we really think about how our actions could impact nature in a negative  way and try to avoid it, giving our tourist guest an exiciting ecofriendly trip 


To Be a Guide has been one of the best decision that i have taken in whole my life . i have so many beautiful people, i have learned so much all this time that i have no words of thanks to express how fortunate i feel doing what i do .I started fifteen years ago and after all this time i still love my job .

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